Do You Need A Financial Coach?

Our goal is to help the newly-widowed embrace their financial future with confidence.


We know from research studies that only 14% of widows and widowers were making financial decisions by themselves before their spouse died. This means that, once widowed, 86% were making decisions they had never made before. For some this is terrifying! And rather risk making a mistake, they make no decisions at all. And for these women, that can have disastrous results.

We also know that 69% of widows and widowers reported that becoming the sole financial decision-maker was the top financial challenge of widowhood. 

So, it's clear most widows and widowers aren't prepared for the financial aftermath of losing a spouse. Nothing can compare to working through this difficult time with a knowledgeable and trusted friend who has your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, few have such a person. Wings for Widows is the perfect partner to fill this role. We provide financial coaching to widows and widowers so that they can learn what they don't know, make good financial decisions, and take control of their financial wellness.


We invite all widows to begin with us by taking our confidential Progress Check - a three-minute questionnaire that will help you better understand your current financial situation. And if you decide to work with us in any way we'll have a better idea of how best to help you. For more information or to get started, click here.

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